Body Fixed Image Hawaiian ParasailBody Fixed Image Hawaiian Parasail


Q – Can three people go together?
A – It is dependent on weight & wind ratio. Most of the time it is possible.
The weight cannot exceed 500 lbs. between the three riders. The captain has the final say.

Q – How long is the boat ride?
A – You are out on the boat for nearly an hour.

Q – How many participants can the boat take out at once?
A – The boats are US Coast Guard Inspected for 12 riders and 2 crews.

Q – Can I bring a friend to watch?
A – If there is space, you can bring an observer who will pay an observer fee.

Q – Can a pregnant woman go parasailing?
A – No, she cannot even go out on the boat as an observer.

Q – What are the age limits?
A – Children must be 5 years or older. There is no limit on elderly.

Q – Do you land in the water?
A – No, you land on the back landing deck of the boat. You can stay dry the whole time if you wish.
You can also get dipped in the water if you wish. You should inform the captain of your preference.

Q – Do I need a reservation?
A – Yes, you should make a reservation at least 1 day in advance. You must guarantee it with a credit card payment.