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Restrictions Policy


♣ 48-hour cancellation policy;
♣ Must be 5 yrs of age to ride the boat and participate;
♣ The Elderly must be in good health conditions, no medical or mobility issues;
♣ No heart conditions, stroke, or any serious medical issues;
♣ No expectant mothers (bumpy boat ride is risky for pregnant);
♣ No one had recent injuries or surgeries;
♣ No one is intoxicated (drug or alcohol);
♣ No one with mental conditions;
♣ Heavy people must be able to walk healthy without an assistant;
♣ No disabled persons unless they can walk on their own, healthy walk (no wheelchair, no cane);
♣ Must fly tandem or triple. No single flights unless the weather permits. It is Captain’s discretion. No guarantee.
♣ The triple flight is dependent on the wind and weight ratio for the Captain to decide. No guarantee;
♣ Juveniles of 15 years or under must be accompanied by their parent or guardian to participate in this activity;
♣ Children 15 yrs of age and under must have their parent or guardian to be on board with them;
♣ Children 15 yrs of age and under must have their parent or guardian fly with them;
♣ Persons over 250 lbs or more must fit into the belt of the harness to fly;
♣ Maximum of 450 lbs. weight combined for 2 or 3 people to fly together. Weather’s permission and Captain discretion for over 450 lbs combined. No guarantee;
♣ This activity is not wheelchair accessible.
♣ Parents or guardians must sign the waivers for 17 yrs old and under